One Tree in Amhara Ethiopia

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We are partners of the Belgian NGO WEFOREST and actively participate to the Amhara reforestation project in Ethiopia to make local populations able to develop their community and the agricultural activities that allow them to live, grow and extend reforestation work.
In the Machakel Wereda in Ethiopia, the local community is at the heart of WeForest restoration project, by planting indigenous trees on community land, gullies, riverbanks and farmland, and planting fruit and timber trees on farms.
Training is an important aspect of this project, where in the innovative "train the trainer model" locals are trained with the intention of providing further training to more individuals in the surrounding villages. This way, the entire community will have the capacity to take the future of their forests into their own hands.
The main goals of Amhara Project in Ethiopia are to restore native forest, restore degraded lands, promote economic development and increase food security.

Because the Legacy we leave behind depends on every action we take…

We Believe in the power of Nature and we want to leave a better legacy, helping people in Ethiopia to develop their communities with respect to Nature.

For every product we sell we continue planting one tree but you can plante more if you want.


For every product we sell we continue planting one tree but you can plante more if you want.


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