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      Dear Investor,
      If you reached this page of our website is because you enjoyed our product, our value proposition and the way we decided to approach the sporting goods market, but most of all is because you are a change maker too. 
      If you are interested in investing in an impact Startup like The Running Republic is because you, like us, don’t accept the status quo and you, like us, want to leave a better legacy.
      At The Running Republic we use to say that our business model is based on a triple impact: environmental impact, social impact and economic impact.
      We want to be the most Sustainable running brand in the World.
      We want to be the most Ethical running brand in the World and,
      We want to be the most Profitable running brand in the World.
      Basically, we want to change the rules of the game: we want to change the world.
      If this statement sounds interesting to you, please feel free to write me directly to my personal email: and I’ll be glad to answer to all your questions and doubts to find together the way to make you part of this fantastic project.
      Thank you for your time and choose always a different path. 
      Paolo Quagliotti
      Founder of The Running Republic.