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This sustainable neck scarf made of recycled polyamide is the perfect accessory for those days when is needed protection from wind and atmospheric agents. Thanks to its extreme elasticity this neck scarf covers and protect the neck without being compressive. 85% of this product comes from plastic waste collected in seas and oceans, guaranteeing optimum performance and taking care of the environment.

This is a seamless tubular garment made mainly of recycled post-consumer polyamide (85%) from Italy. Since its elastic component doesn't have seams, it allows an outstanding fitting without being compressive. The attributes of the product are fast drying, fast evacuation of sweat and protection against UVA rays. A versatile and extremely functional accessory for day to day in multiple disciplines.
This neck scarf is made with a seamless tubular fabric with 85% recycled post-consumer polyamide from used bottles and plastic waste collected in the environment. For every Kilo of recycled material, in addition to collecting about one kilo of plastic waste, we avoid to introduce more than one liter of new crude oil into the environment. Produced by ethical production in a family factory in Maresme, an area of long apparel tradicion near Barcelona. As we produce in Europe the carbon footprint is the smallest possible because we save the CO2 emissions of transportation from Asia.

At The Running Republic we know how important it is to feel good about what we wear even we run and our clothes feel so good, because of the tireless pattern work that was done when designing them and because they are made with high percentages of Lycra. That is why probably two, even three sizes, could be perfectly suitable for you.

Here you have our size guide and we want to give you one last tip: if you normally buy products from the leading American brand of the sports market, the size you buy of that brand is the size you should buy of The Running Republic: