Women's Tennis & Padel Outfit ( White Top + Blue Shorts )

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The fabric of the Woman's Performance Court Top is extremely light and really soft, thanks to it's post-consumer recycled micro polyester that gives to this garment a silky touch while remaining hyper-technical.

84% of this shirt comes from GRS post-consumer recycled plastic collected from the environment, making it the most iconic option if you are looking for a sustainable and recycled Tennis and Paddle Top guaranteeing optimal performance while taking care of the environment.

Thanks to the lightness and elasticity of its fabrics, the Performance 2in1 Court Short is a very effective garment both for training and for competing in Tennis and Paddle. 

Its efficient and comfortable pockets allows you to store up to one ball with no problems or inefficiency during your performance.

88% of the main fabric comes from recycled plastic collected in the Atlantic Ocean, guaranteeing optimal performance while taking care of the environment.

The fabric in the inner of the pockets has micro-holes to guarantee that the ball doesn't slide outside the pocket during the match.

The large amount of Lycra of the two fabrics (12% and 22% respectively) makes these shorts the best ally for endurance games and for your performance playing tennis or paddle.


At The Running Republic we know how important it is to feel good about what we wear even we run and our clothes feel so good, because of the tireless pattern work that was done when designing them and because they are made with high percentages of Lycra. That is why probably two, even three sizes, could be perfectly suitable for you.

Here you have our size guide and we want to give you one last tip: if you normally buy products from the leading American brand of the sports market, the size you buy of that brand is the size you should buy of The Running Republic: