5 Sustainable Workout Clothes & Activewear

Clothes Sustainable Workout

Today, sustainable clothing is not just a trend but rather a collective movement to make a change for a better future. At The Running Republic, we are prepared to cover all your needs when it comes to sustainable workout clothing, and here, we want to give you a quick rundown of 5 sustainable workout clothes to make your training and exercise more enjoyable. Let's begin!

Clothes Sustainable Workout

1) Sustainable workout leggings

Leggings are among the most popular pieces of activewear and can be used basically for any workout activities such as yoga, pilates, running, or any other discipline. Now with sustainable leggings, you can enjoy your favorite workout activities while taking care of the planet. These types of leggings are made of recycled synthetic materials and perform just like the original fabrics in terms of elasticity and durability.

Check out our collection of top-quality leggings and capris. They are packed with functional features such as reflective accents and back pockets. We are confident you will love the designs and how comfortable they are.

2) Sustainable running t-shirts

Runner t-shirts are an essential piece of clothing for any runner, and when it comes to running t-shirts, we want them to be soft, elastic, breathable, and lightweight. Sustainable fabrics tick all the required boxes for a great running t-shirt. Our ultra-light t-shirts are made of recycled materials such as recycled polyamide known as econyl and recycled materials. These materials are high-performing fabrics that also take care of the environment. Our collection of running t-shirts is probably one of the most affordable, sustainable, and technical on the market.

3) Sustainable running tank tops

The classic athletic tank-top grants more freedom of movement and is great at keeping you cool. This makes them great for running and working out at the gym. Now with sustainable fabrics, you can do your part and take care of the environment as well. The best options for high-performing and sustainable fabrics are recycled polyester and recycled polyamide.

Clothes Sustainable Workout

4) Sustainable technical hoodies

Sustainable hoodies are a versatile piece of clothing to go for a run in cold climates or just wear before and after training. These are a little thicker than t-shirts and can be made of recycled materials such as polyamide and polyester blended with spandex to give them extra elasticity. Other options include organic cotton although these are designed more to work up a sweat than going out for a run. All of these materials are great options for sustainable hoodies and to take care of the environment.  See all the hoodies available at The Running Republic.

5) Sustainable running headbands and scarves

These are great and useful accessories for men and women. Headbands are useful to remove hair or anything that will bother your face, and scarves are great for running in windy or cold weather. Available sustainable materials include organic wool for the winter and fabrics like recycled polyamide.

Don´t forget to visit us at The Running Republic to check out all the sustainable workout clothes. Join us and take part in the movement to take care of the planet!

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