Environmentally friendly sportswear

Environmentally friendly sportswear

Maybe you didn’t know, but the textile industry has a huge negative impact on our environment. Luckily, industry practices are slowly but steadily making their way into better and more sustainable production methods and materials. Many big companies have already taken the leap toward more eco-friendly collections in an effort to adapt to a change in consumers’ values who demand more eco-friendly clothing. At The Running Republic, we started our journey from day one making environmentally friendly sportswear out of recycled post-consumer materials. Continue reading if you want to know more!

Environmentally friendly sportswear UK

During the last decade, sustainable and eco-friendly sportswear has gained a lot of  popularity in the UK. Established companies and startups have taken the initiative to become more environmentally friendly.  If we look at the numbers, the market revenue almost doubled from 2014 to 2020 when it reached about £57 million. Further, the market trend seems to be accelerating and is expected to reach new heights by 2023.

Environmentally friendly sportswear

Women’s Environmentally friendly sportswear

Our women’s collection of sportswear is made with eco-friendly materials that come from recycled post-consumer products. Our collection includes tees, tank tops, hoodies, leggings, capris, shorts, and accessories made with fabrics that offer optimal technical attributes for high-performing sports. The recycled fabrics perform just like the virgin materials but greatly reduce the negative impact on our environment. You will find colorful designs packed with features such as reflective details, micropore fabrics, and functional pockets

Men’s Environmentally friendly sportswear 

Our men’s collection of sportswear is also made of eco-friendly recycled materials to produce clothing of the highest quality. The men’s collection includes tees, hoodies, tights, shorts, and accessories with ergonomic and functional designs required for high-performing sports activities. 

In general, our women’s and men’s collections feature great ergonomics and versatility suitable for most sporting activities such as going to the gym, running, or practicing yoga. The fabrics used are mainly recycled polyester (rPET) and recycled polyamide (econyl). The first one is made from recycled plastic bottles and the latter is made from rescued fishing nets and other plastics scraps. The resulting fabrics feature great technical attributes such as breathability, consistency, elasticity, and resistance to abrasion.

Environmentally friendly sportswear

Final takeaways on environmentally friendly sportswear

Today’s textile industry and its fast fashion are largely responsible for the pollution of our oceans, CO2 emissions, and plastic pollution. As consumers, we should continue to make efforts to avoid unsustainable clothing and take better care of our clothing, always prioritizing quality over quantity. The challenge, of course, is not easy but it is worth undertaking due to the effects unsustainable fashion has on our environment.

Visit us at The Running Republic and check out our collection of high-quality and stylish environmentally friendly sportswear. We recently launched our new spring 2022 collection made of sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Also, join our efforts for a better and more sustainable future and follow our social networks on Facebook and Instagram.
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