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The ethical and sustainable trend has reached the UK and has luckily spread to other parts of the world too. We couldn't be happier as long as the companies promoting the eco-fashion trend are really committed to becoming more ethical and sustainable and not as part of a strategy or to disguise unethical practices. As consumers, we begin to see every day more retail brands using recycled synthetics and organic materials in their collections, and that is evidence of a change in the collective consciousness. The Running Republic joins the efforts of ethical activewear UK brands who are promoting a responsible and ethical fashion industry. Continue reading to know how we do it!

The Running Republic

Fast fashion has created a big problem generating more plástic pollution than any other industry and at unsustainable rates. These unethical practices have prolonged for far too long creating the idea that clothing is disposable and also overlooking the negative effects of mass production. The Running Republic wants to make a real contribution to sustainable fashion. We don't want to be just another ethical activewear UK brand. Our running activewear offers superior quality and performance like no other and is made entirely from recycled plastics.

Before production, our activewear is carefully designed and extensively tested to ensure it has all the qualities needed for high-performing sports.  Our garments are made in ethical factories in Spain and Portugal, which are owned by families with a long history in the sector. We constantly supervise these factories to make sure they provide decent work conditions and wages.

By using recycled plastics as our raw material to produce sustainable fabrics we reduce plastic contamination by diverting plastics from landfills and oceans. We also help in reducing C02 emissions that come from synthesizing the oil-derived materials. We also leave a smaller carbon footprint by avoiding raw materials and production centers in Asia.

Sustainable gym wear UK

Our activewear is made mainly with recycled plastics that are processed and turned into polyester and nylon polyamide. The recycled fabrics are a perfect sustainable option for sustainable gym wear since they retain all the technical qualities of the virgin materials in terms of elasticity, durability, breathability, and resistance to abrasion. The Running Republic offers eco-friendly technical t-shirts, tank tops, and sustainable leggings that will feel and look great at the gym.

The Running Republic

Final takeaways about ethical activewear UK

At the Running Republic, we know our contribution alone will not change the world but rather the collective change in consciousness to approach fashion in a different way, a better way! We want to lead by example and leave a legacy behind for future generations.

The Running Republic has available shipping options to deliver your activewear fast and efficiently across the UK mainland and UE. Visit us at The Running Republic and check out our collection of high-quality and stylish activewear. Join our efforts for a better and more sustainable future, and also follow our social networks on Facebook and Instagram.
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