Heura and The Running Republic come together to revolutionize the world

The Running Republic & Heura

Of The Running Republic, the fashion industry does not represent our philosophy of life. We are changing the rules of the game. But this time we are not alone. There are many of us who want to change the world and we want to do it from scratch. Heura, the plant-based brand that is the best alternative to chicken meat, has joined us to show that the world of Veganism is the best solution for our planet.

Two very opposite parties initially come together to give visibility to the world of Veganism and the world of sports and to show that, although they seem opposite, they end up being very similar.

The Running Republic & Heura

Not proud, more than proud

Years ago, Heura revolutionized the world and the food industry, creating a vegetable alternative to chicken meat. Imitating flavor and texture. But it is not only vegetable food, but also sustainable and healthy. You cannot ask for more.

Marc and Bernat, two young social, environmental and animal rights activists, began to think how they could make the population understand the negative impact of the livestock industry, offering information about the sector.

His mission was to create a company with the social mission of empowering people to change the food system for a more sustainable, healthier, more nutritious, more Mediterranean and 100% vegan system. In their first coworking in Barcelona, ​​in 2017, they started with the idea. And now, years later, they offer products that have high quality ingredients with high nutritional value and great taste. They are present in more than 10 countries and continue to grow as the first vegetable alternative to chicken meat.

As you know, The Running Republic was founded with the aim of giving the population a comfortable, durable and high-quality sports alternative. All our customers say it, the clothing is of great quality and perfect for practicing any sport. We are proud.

Heura & The Running RepublicThe Running Republic & Heura

Change the mindset, to change the rules

Teaming up with Heura is a gift to The Running Republic, not only because we know Heura is doing great in the world of sustainability and Veganism, but also because we've come together for a good cause.

We have created an exclusive kit for Heura, a special kit so that influencers and everyone can wear it and thus demonstrate that the world of Veganism is linked to any modality, not only to the food industry, but it can also be linked to sport.

What we like the most about this project with Heura is that absolutely all of the benefits that we obtain from this collaboration will go to a social cause, because the most important thing is to help, to help those who need it most.

There are many of us who care and many of us who are doing everything we can to help, so join the revolution, join the change that is needed. This has only just begun...

Discover the collaboration on our website.

The Running Republic

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