The Best Ethical Running Clothes


This article will discuss how technical recycled fabrics contribute to making the best ethical running clothes. Luckily the market for ethical running clothes has grown significantly in recent years as more people and companies join the efforts to become more sustainable. The booming market has given way to new designs and innovative recycled fabrics that are high-performing and fit well, just like the originals!. One such example is Econyl which has excellent properties and is made from recycled materials.

So, what exactly are we looking for in the best ethical running clothes? We should be looking at materials, functionality and design. Let's talk about each of these individually.

Materials for Ethical Running Clothes

As far as materials go, we want them to be either recycled or certified organic. Our best option for running clothes would be synthetic materials such as recycled polyester and recycled polyamide. So, which recycled fiber should I choose? Both fabrics are good options but nylon tends to be more durable, stronger, and weather resistant than polyester. However, production of nylon is more expensive and clothing usually has a higher price. Both fabrics are fire retardant but polyester has a higher heat resistance.

Recycled polyester comes mainly from recycled plastic bottles which are processed in a recycling plant that ultimately turns them into yarn. Recycled polyamide or nylon comes mainly from fishing nets and other fabric scraps. The materials get processed and purified at a recycling plant where they are turned into yarn. For Additional information, Econyl is a registered trademark of the company Aquafil. The material is made of 100% high performing recycled nylon that retains the properties of the original materials and is produced with much less resources.

Functional and Ethical Running Clothes

To be functional, running clothes need to be breathable and moisture wicking. This will make the clothes feel dry and non-sticky. We also need elastic and high performing fabrics that will not tear while running or stretching. This is usually achieved by adding a small percentage of spandex or lycra to a synthetic fiber blend. 

Looking Great Wearing Ethical Running Clothes

Wearing ethical does not imply less fashionable or trendy garments. There are plenty of modern designs and patterns available for ethical running clothes. At The Running Republic, you are sure to find something you like. Check out our collection!. You will find colorful leggings with back pockets, ultra light t-shirts with perforated side panels, organic cotton hoodies and much more!

The Running Republic ethical clothing

Our ethical clothing designed for running is also good for other cardiovascular activity, going to the gym, practicing yoga etc. We are constantly looking to improve our clothing based on feedback from our clients and the latest trends. Before production, our clothing goes through extensive study, prototype, and testing to make sure the end result is of the highest quality.

The Running Republic

At the Running Republic, we check all the boxes needed for the best ethical running clothes. Our clothing is primarily made from recycled synthetic fibers. We also offer certified organic cotton to a lesser extent.
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