What is the best material for gym leggings?

Best material for gym leggings

Leggings are back and are still a popular trend in 2021. That's why we want to make sure you keep it trendy and eco-friendly here at The Running Republic. Apart from the designs which are colorful and wide-ranging, we can choose from an assortment of materials that are eco-friendly, functional, and reasonably priced. But, what exactly do we need to look for? And, which is the best material for gym leggings? What characteristics make it a good choice? Let's dive into it by looking at the different types of materials available.

Types of Leggings materials

When it comes to sustainable and eco-friendly leggings, we have the following options:  leggings made of a recycled material blended with another fabric, for example, polyester and Spandex, leggings made of organic fabrics, and leggings made of blended organic fibers such as cotton and bamboo. Let's take a closer look at these types of fabric.

Leggings made from recycled materials

Spandex blended with recycled polyester

The ideal fabric needs to have a percentage of spandex, also known as lycra fiber, mixed into its composition blended with an eco-friendly fabric such as recycled polyester. A typical blend would have 15-18% lycra fiber and 85% recycled polyester; Recycled polyester is breathable which means it will help you cool down and stay dry. And, since nobody wants to wear stiff leggings, Spandex will give the leggings their much-required elasticity.

Best material for gym leggings

Spandex blended with recycled nylon

Another blend that will get the job done is spandex and recycled nylon (econyl). Similar to polyester, Nylon is a synthetic fiber that can be recycled indefinitely. The trick here is to avoid the use of virgin synthetics and divert the existing ones from landfills and oceans. Nylon is a breathable, stretchy, and moisture-wicking fabric that is suitable for gym leggings. A typical legging composition would have about 22% spandex and 78% nylon.

Leggings made from organic materials

Leggings can be made of organic materials such as cotton. Organic cotton is grown using 91% less water than conventional cotton and uses no chemicals. Make sure cotton is certified organic and produced by Fair-trade factories in safe and eco-friendly conditions. Leggings made with organic cotton also contain a bit of spandex to make them hold their shape and give them more durability and elasticity. The final product is a soft, breathable, and comfortable legging that fits well.

Eco-friendly bamboo leggings are an option as well. Bamboo can be grown fast and ecologically with no pesticides, and it can be used for a variety of purposes including activewear.  As you would expect, Bamboo is mixed with a bit of spandex when used to make gym leggings.  Bamboo fabric has all the features to make excellent gym leggings. The final product is a lightweight and very soft pair of leggings. Bamboo fabric is moisture resistant and thermo-regulated, meaning it is good for all weather conditions.

At The Running Republic, our sustainable leggings are made with a blend of fabric containing lycra between 15%-18%. This gives them excellent elastic properties when mixed with our recycled polyester fabric as the main textile fabric.

Spandex Blended with recycled materials: the best material for gym leggings!

Best material for gym leggings

At the Running Republic, we encourage you to use leggings made primarily of recycled synthetic fiber such as nylon and polyester blended with spandex. This would be our top choice as the best material for gym leggings. With plastics being a major environmental concern today, this choice is great to help protect the environment. It also has all the features you need to make leggings comfortable, durable, and reasonably priced. Feel free to take a look at our collection, we are certain that you will love the quality and the designs!

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