Ropa interior de hombre

Las camisetas interiores de hombre sostenibles y recicladas para correr seguro y cuidar el medio ambiente, ahora en un tejido más grueso. ¡Las mejores sudaderas con capucha para correr para hombre!
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Men's baselayers

In the most general sense, a baselayer is a layer of clothing. It could be a t-shirt, long-sleeved top, or leggings. Most baselayers are worn next to the skin or close to the skin, as in a system of wearing one baselayer over another. To work effectively, baselayers should fit snugly on your body.

Mens baselayer tops

It is  baselayer made with plastic bottles that cares for the environment and is perfect if you are looking for a versatile garment fitted to the body that provides you muscle compression and an extra protection while training. With its 4-way stretch fabric you will feel it like a second skin, breathable and fresh. Its reflective details will allow you to train safely in low visibility hours. 78% of this product comes from recycled materials, guaranteeing optimal performance while taking care of the environment.

4-Way stretch muscle compression fabric with a high percentage of elastane treated to enhance sweat breathability and evaporation to keep you cool and dry.

UV protection. Reflective details to increase visibility when running in low visibility conditions. A reflective tissue ring in the back of the neck will allow you to pass the cable of your headphones so to don't bother you while training.

Back of the shirt longer and rounded to guarantee you more protection while stretching.

Mens gym baselayer

To run in the park or if you also like to do indoor sports or simply want to go to your favorite gym, our garments will give you the greatest comfort and the best performance when doing sports.

We use high technology so that our garments are unrepeatable and, above all, always sustainable.

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