Why Recycled?

Polyester fabrics are the athlete’s best ally because they are highly elastic, abrasion-resistant, easy to care for, and, above all, absorb less moisture and expel sweat more easily than other types of fabrics.
However, no matter how well-suited polyester may be to activewear, it’s a synthetic fibre that comes from a non-renewable source as petroleum is and considering that the oil industry is on of the world’s biggest polluters and contributors to climate change, the production of virgin polyester is extremely unsustainable.
So what’s the next best thing for athletes who need high-performance sportswear?

Because it’s similar, but way better for the Environment

Recycled plastic is made by collecting plastic waste such as plastic bottles or fishnets, shipping it to processing facilities, melting it down into pellets and then spinning those pellets into new recycled polyester fibre. 
Recycled polyester has the same consistency, elasticity, resistance to abrasion, moisture-wicking and color fastness as virgin polyester. However, due to its production process, it’s a much more sustainable and environmentally friendly than virgin polyester but:
One kilo of recycled material means
Not introducing one liter of new crude oil in the ecosystem,
The removal of one kilo of plastic waste from the environment and
Five kilos less of CO2 emitted during the production process.

Less energy needs, less CO2 emissions and less waste into the environment

Using recycled polyester saves energy throughout all the production processes by 50% compared to virgin polyester, and generates 70% less CO2 emissions.

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