Calling all the influencers!

Are you an influencer in the Running, Sustainability or Design Field?
Do you think that you deserve personalized limited edition sustainable running apparel?
Do you think that your community would be interested in your limited edition collections?

We are ready to bring your dream to reality!

We believe that the community should be part of the creative process of every brand so we want to produce only the products that the community is really interested in.
This is why we are looking for influencers able to move among their community the collections that we can design with them. 
After making some sketches from your ideas, we will design your running gear and if the community engage with your designs and pledge for your products we are going to produce them.
We truly think that this is the most sustainable way to produce apparel: making the community part of the creative process and producing them only if we have a real commitment from the same community who helped to design them.
No more clothes than the ones that we are able to sell in advance.
And of course, as you, the Running Designer, are going to be our graphic designer, you will receive a percentage of the revenues coming from the designs and products we are going to make with your help.

Are you conscious and concerned with the Environment?

Great! Us too!
All the products that we will produce from your design are ethically made from recycled materials, sustainable and made leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible, because if we use recycled materials to produce running gear that we are selling in advance we are sure that we don’t waste or throw away any resource.


So, if you are an influencer who always thought to be able to design sports apparel and you want to have your personalized limited edition sustainable and technical running apparel, don’t wait any more and