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The Running Republic

We live in a changing world, where more and more people care about the environment, the planet and, of course, the decent and ethical work of workers. That is why at The Running Republic we have changed the rules of the game. And we want you to be part of the change.

Do you dare to be part of the change?

We believe in a better world, a world where all people, fauna and flora are well synchronized and cared for. That is why all our products are ethically produced with recycled, sustainable and vegan materials. In addition, we produce with the lowest possible carbon footprint. And when we produce for you, it will be too.

You believe that we elaborate it for you

Our workshops are simple, but we have everything you need to create your own sustainable sportswear. We like challenges, so challenge us. Put us to the test, challenge us or whatever you want. You would be surprised with what we can create together.

The Running Republic wants to be your ally and create the best products for what you need.

We help to create the best sustainable, vegan collection and always to your liking

By wearing our clothing created by you, you will be giving a strong, clear and concise message to the world: a more just, sustainable and sporty future is possible.

If you need help to design, our design team will advise you on what you need. We know everything an athlete needs, both for training equipment and for a triathlon. Do you dare to create your own kit?

You may be wondering who is all this for. Well, very simple. All those people who have sports clubs, gyms or who are in charge of races or marathons who need a sports team: t-shirts, pants, sweatshirts and anything else you may need.

Our purpose is to create sportswear that our clients really need and want. That is why we want you to be 100% involved in the design. This way we make sure that the clothes are highly appreciated by you and that you wear them more often and for longer. There is nothing more sustainable than wearing a garment until the end of its useful life.

The Running Republic

Our way of producing

From The Running Republic we believe that true sustainability is the construction of a sustainable business model based on the protection of the environment, the people who participate in the production processes and in maintaining the economic sustainability of the business without overexploiting resources and without overproducing unnecessary products.

We create our garments with recycled polyester made from recycled plastic that is extracted from the oceans and seas and sent to processing facilities, melting it into pellets and then transforming it into new polyester fibers. This plastic that we extract are plastic bottles or abandoned fishing nets (also called ghost nets). By using this polyester we are saving natural resources, instead of using new oil for the environment. We believe that it is the best way to contribute to protecting the planet.

With this process, at The Running Republic we are able to save more than one liter of oil for every kilo of recycled material. We only have one planet and we have to make sure that we do everything we can to protect it.

And what about the quality? You will surely wonder about the quality of our clothing. Well, we produce high-quality sportswear that is also functional. Our efforts are focused on taking care of the selection of the fabrics we use. They are technical and of high quality to be able to give the best sportswear to all our clients.

Quality is one of the qualities of our products. We believe that it is better to have fewer clothes to wear, but that they can be enjoyed for much longer and thus, at the same time, be able to protect our planet. Quality matters to us and what about you?

The Running Republic

How to create your sportswear

Now is your chance to create your kit and with it, a better world for all of us who live in it.

We have created a form for them so that you can tell us what you need. Do you dare to be part of the change? Explain to us what you need for your sports club, gym, marathons, etc. We will get in touch with you and thus start a wonderful project all together.


We are the change you need to go further.



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