We change the world for you

We change the world for you

As Greta Thunberg said, climate change will soon be irreversible. And that we cannot allow. Since our adventure began, our main mission is to make a better world. We know that we are only a grain of sand on a huge beach, but if each of us makes small gestures, we will add grains and we can protect the entire beach.

Many may think that creating only sustainable and ethically manufactured sportswear is a minimal feat for the planet. Maybe it could be so, but at The Running Republic, this small step to protect the planet is a big step, not only for the people who buy in our store, but for all those brands that also want to contribute to the planet and do not know what do.

We want to be a starting point for them, so that they can see that a better world is possible, where any person, company, brand can do something for the planet. Our way of changing the world is simple, straightforward and easy. We use products that other people throw into the sea. Not all plastic bottles end up being recycled when they are not thrown into the corresponding container, the yellow one. Many end up in our seas and oceans. We use all those that end up in the sea to make our shirts, pants and accessories. So we can say that all our products are made with recycled materials.

Another material we use is ghost nets. And what are ghost networks? They are the nets that some sailors leave lost or abandoned in the seas after fishing. These nets pose a threat to marine life. The most serious problem is that this network does not stop working, it continues to trap everything that is in its path, therefore it represents a serious problem for marine life and for the oceans. As the NGO World Wild Life explains, ghost nets not only catch fish, they also entangle sea turtles, dolphins, porpoises, birds, sharks, seals and many more species.

When we decide to create a sustainable and respectful brand with the environment, we inform ourselves a lot. We were studying for days, weeks and months and after these years, we continue to learn and study to improve. From the outset, we thought we could do to create good quality sportswear, with the best fabrics, helping the local industry and, above all, leaving the lowest possible carbon footprint to protect our planet.

Another aspect that has concerned us from the beginning has been complying with human rights and offering fair wages to all the people who are working at The Running Republic.

We start by choosing to take a different path. A path where the most important thing for us was and is the Planet and its people, demonstrating to all who could question us that a different, more open, more participatory and fairer world is possible.

As we always say: The Running Republic was born to give an option to all runners and athletes looking for an exceptional hypertotechnical garment manufactured with sustainable and ethical criteria.

Climate change will soon be irreversible, so let's start changing so that our world is protected and all the species that live in it, live and can be at peace. Are you accompanying us in this change?


We are the change you need to go further.



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