Why our clothes are vegan?

Why our clothes are vegan?

What for many people is a reality in food, is now also reaching the world of fashion. Veganism is an attitude and a way of life in which harm to animals is avoided as far as possible.

We all think and we all feel, so an animal cannot be our garment. We believe so and we will continue to do so. We want to continue contributing to the world. This is only a small step. Since the earth has given us everything, why not respect it more?

It has to be recognized that not all vegan products are respectful with the environment. Many of them use synthetic derivatives of fossil fuel that are very difficult to decompose and end up damaging the oceans and consequently end up harming the animals that live in them.


We believe in a better world. And we want to help make that happen. So, a few months ago, The Running Republic went vegan and PETA approved. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is the world's largest and most important animal advocacy association. He has been fighting speciesism since 1980 and defending animal rights.

In recent years, being able to buy vegan clothes and shoes has become much easier. In Spain there are numerous options for this type of clothing, whether you want to buy in a physical store or in an online store.

For us it is not a fashion that can happen in a couple of days. For us it is a reality. It is synonymous with quality, design, ethics and above all with sustainability and commitment to the planet and the animals that live on it.

We are very proud because if you buy any of our garments, you will see that no animal has been mistreated to produce it. Beyond the personal decisions of each one of us, from the beginning it was very clear, using animals in our clothes was not an option.


For this reason, at The Running Republic we do not just stick with vegan fashion, we want to go further. Respecting animals and the planet are our main motivation. We are the option for all those runners and athletes looking for an exceptional hypertotechnical garment manufactured with sustainable and ethical criteria.

Our revolution begins with our DNA, helping the planet and the people who work, as we ensure compliance with human rights and fair wages for all our workers. Are you joining the revolution?

We are the change you need to go further.



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