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Many of us are already concerned about the environment and we want that concern to be reflected in any activity we do. Fortunately we are more and more and luckily, the youngest have become aware from a very young age. We know that what we take care of now will help new generations to live in a world with less plastics, less pollution and making use of the 4Rs in their day-to-day lives. That is why in recent years many of us have changed our way of thinking also when we do sports.

We are not going to lie. We are still at the beginning of the road or, rather, the most important race of our lives. But getting started is the most important step. It's not easy, but is not impossible either.


When you go for a run in nature what you want to find are heart-stopping landscapes, where the predominant color is the green of the trees, the smell of flowers and a blue sky that fills your soul. Many times you find them, but, unfortunately, also along the way you find other objects that are not so wonderful.

Recently in Sweden a sport was born that combines running with care for the environment: Plogging. This new running mode is very easy to do. It can be practiced anywhere in the world. It only consists of running and collecting all the waste that they find along the way and that should not be there.

It is practiced by many people, more than 20,000 every day and in more than 100 countries. The word plogging comes from the Swedish word plocka upp (it is to pick up) and the English word jogging (it is to jog). Erik Ahlström, his promoter, in 2016 moved from his village to the city of Stockholm. There he played sports and he realized that wherever he went he found a lot of garbage, so one day he started to pick it up. A short time later, this form of sport spread throughout Sweden thanks to popular events and, thanks to social media and word of mouth, it is now a worldwide phenomenon.

But not only those who practice sustainable running are with the plogging movement, but anyone who practices any type of outdoor sport can do it, either in a natural environment or in the middle of a big city.

To practice it you only need a kit, if it is with sustainable materials much better and a garbage bag in your hands. The ploggers, this is the name of those who practice this modality, go out for a run or practice other sports and collect the waste that they find.

The Running Republic

You can tell us that the garbage should be collected by the person who has thrown it away. Unfortunately not all of us have the mentality of leaving places as we have found them: clean. So all of us who do care about the place where we live and where our sons and daughters will live must take care of it.

Perform plogging

Plogging has many positive effects. Not only for the environment but also for our health. At an environmental level, removing waste that does not belong to our natural environments helps the health and well-being of nature and all the living beings that live in it.

The personal benefits are also huge. Collecting waste reduces the risk of heart problems, increases lung capacity and improves digestion, thanks to the fact that we are removing products that can also be harmful to our health. In addition, being aware that you can find some waste improves your performance, since energy and physical capacity are increased.

Having to constantly go up and down to pick up the trash makes your bones stronger and, consequently, reduces the risk of osteoporosis. It also helps you burn more calories and thus reduce weight.

Another positive point and for us the best there is is that it increases self-esteem, since you put yourself to the test because you give yourself the opportunity to constantly improve yourself. That makes you feel better, while taking care of your health, nature and creating an environmental awareness.

The Running Republic

Although we are already in autumn and the heat is no longer the biggest problem for our nature, it is still in danger, so it is everyone's duty to take care of it and protect it. And for those of us who like to run with wonderful views, we can help. From The Running Republic we encourage you to practice plogging. It will be beneficial for you and for the planet.


We are the change you need to go further.



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