Circular economy for runners


Resources are limited. More and more we have fewer resources for all the people who live on planet earth. For a few years now, you have heard a lot about circular economy. But do we really know what it is?

The circular economy is one that exchanges the typical manufacturing cycle, its use and its disposal in favor of the reuse and recycling of most of the materials and resources that have been used in said manufacturing process.

In a linear economy, the product is made, bought, used, and thrown away. In Europe alone, more than 2.5 million tonnes of waste is generated in a single year. Each Spanish generates 460 kg of urban waste. That is a lot of waste.

What the circular economy proposes is to change the way of producing and consuming in order to have greater economic growth. In other words, it promotes the optimization of resources, the reduction of the consumption of raw materials and the use of waste, either by recycling it or giving it a new opportunity to turn it into new products.

The benefits of the circular economy

The best part of the circular economy is the protection of the environment, since this economy allows reducing global emissions, the generation of waste and the environmental impact caused by the extraction processes of materials. Another environmental benefit is the increase in the value of land and soil. By reusing the same local resources, it favors less dependence on raw materials that are often very expensive to import and obtain.

If we talk about economy, it increases the country's GDP, thus saving costs for raw materials, increasing sustainability and competitiveness, as well as efficiency and productivity. An important characteristic is the increase in technological innovation, since it creates value for all products. It can benefit the local economy by fostering production models based on the reuse of nearby waste and raw materials.

It also creates job opportunities, developing a new industrial model, much more innovative and more competitive, increasing economic growth and promoting new employment.

The circular economy is made up of 7 principles. Most of us know the 3Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle), but the reality is that the 7 principles are the 7Rs:

  • Reduce: change consumption habits towards more sustainable ones, reducing consumption and avoiding generating unnecessary waste.
  • Reuse: giving a new opportunity to the products we already have, thus extending their useful life.
  • Recycle: improve waste management practices, once the product has reached the end of its useful life.
  • Redesign: rethink and redesign products so that fewer raw materials are consumed during the manufacturing process, extending their useful life and generating less waste.
  • Repair: it is normal for a product to break down, but it can very surely be repaired. Fact that will make it much cheaper than buying one again and will avoid the use of new raw materials for its manufacture.
  • Renew: use old objects by giving them a second chance. Either reusing them as we had previously done or giving them a second life, their function being totally new to the original object.
  • Recover: giving new uses to products that are going to be thrown away and giving them a whole new life.

    Using a circular economy you can think about and take care of the environment and live in a more sustainable way.

    We are circular runners

    At The Running Republic we believe that the best way to create and manufacture a garment is by doing the least damage to our planet and to all the species that live on it. So we want to give an option to all runners and athletes who are looking for sustainable, ethical garments with the best hypertotechnical quality.

    We use plastic bottles and plastic garbage that we extract from the oceans to create our garments. In addition, we help the local economy, since we produce locally and in ethically certified factories, leaving the smallest possible carbon footprint on our planet.


    Using The Running Republic is choosing a different path in which the Planet and its people matter, Proving that a different, more open, more participatory and fairer world is possible.

    We are the change you need to go further.



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