Our values: Sustainability Manifesto

Our values: Sustainability Manifesto

We are the Running Republic, a sustainable running apparel brand that aims to change the world by choosing a different path. We create high-quality running clothes from fabrics made of recycled ocean plastic. You are invited to join the revolution and become a part of a movement to create a better future through sustainable sportswear. If you love running and you care about the planet we call home, join us on this journey!

The Running Republic was born because our search for a running apparel brand with sustainability values over economic profits turned up no results. We want to share with you what we believe in so you can get to know us better. Here are our values, as defined in our Sustainability Manifesto.

We break paradigms

The Running Republic is one of the new brands of sports textile that’s breaking paradigms. We believe that there is a new way to conceive sporting goods that’s very different from the status quo, and we want to show the world how it’s done.   

We use only recycled or organic materials to reduce our impact on the environment and we make sure that all the people involved in the production processes of our garments earn fair salaries.

  • 100% of the polyamide we use is recycled.
  • 97% of the polyester we use is recycled.
  • 84% of the materials we use is recycled. 
  • Almost 100% of the rest of the materials we use is elastane, an important material used in sportswear. The recycling process of elastane is more contaminating than the introduction of new elastane fibres into the environment, which is why it’s the only non-recycled material we use. 

We encourage participation

We encourage our customers to participate in the creation of our products. We empower them to decide what we produce and use their creativity to help us create their dream products. 

This way, we can create clothes that our customers truly want and need. It’s how we make sure that our customers will cherish their clothes, use them more often and for a longer time - which is the ultimate key to sustainability. There is nothing more sustainable than using a garment until the end of its life.

We are not a fast fashion brand and we do not want our customers to purchase clothes on a whim. We believe that every piece you buy should be a long-term commitment and have a value to you. 

This is why our garments are designed with the help of our customers, the ambassadors of our brand. 

Here you can see the lookbook of our first collection.


We choose a different path

Our value proposition is that wearing The Running Republic clothes is choosing a different path - a path that leads to a world where the planet and its people matter. The choice signifies that a more open and fair world is indeed possible, and sustainability is the way to achieve it. 

We value quality

Quality is one of the most important pillars of our brand. We produce extraordinarily high-quality running clothes that are functional and aesthetically pleasing. 

We put a lot of care into selecting our fabrics. We use the most high-quality technical fabrics currently on the market with one restriction: they must be recycled. 

We obsess over the details. We took two years to develop our brand, controlling every detail of product development with extreme care before releasing our products to the market. 

We buy less and we buy better

The fashion industry and our fast-paced lives have led us to believe that we need to own a lot of things to feel good. We have all fallen victim to the traps of our consumerist society at some point in our lives, and that’s ok. But society is changing. We are changing. 

As more and more people are starting to open their eyes to sustainability, we’re starting to live by the philosophy that less is more

At Running Republic we believe that it’s better to buy fewer pieces of clothing but of better quality so that we can enjoy them for longer and protect our planet from excess waste.

We’re focusing all our efforts on leaving our comfort zone, tackling our next challenge, and achieving our goals while loving who we are, what we do, and what we have.

The key to a better future is having less and loving more.


The Running Republic


Photo: Marina Larina

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