Our DNA is sustainable.

Sustainability is the buzzword. In the last months we heard it on the media related to many areas of our lives.

And finally! we would add here at The Running Republic.

In the last years the consumers showed that we are no longer satisfied only with buying products and we want brands to give us something else: an experience, a mood, a memory, a lifestyle...

But it’s in the last months that some consumers don't even settle with that and look for brands with values, brands that are involved with their environment, brands that want to change the world.

We want to change the World.

Clear and simple: The Running Republic wants to change the World, or at least its part of it, that's why we are sustainable and we are sustainable up to the core. The Running Republic is the new brand of sustainable running apparel that was created with the aim of offering technical, different and above all sustainable running clothes.

We don’t do any greenwashing. For us, sustainability is not a trend to wash our image after years of environmental and human disasters.

For us, sustainability is not a means but a purpose.

Trend or Reality?

We hate plastic pollution and labor exploitation, that’s why we produce only with recycled fabrics and by ethical production in factories in which people are respected and receive a fair salary.

Wearing our recycled running tees or any of our products you’ll be shouting loud that a more fair and sustainable World is possible. Here you have a selection of 100% recycled and sustainable sports garments.

Our Planet and its people need once and for all a real commitment from all industries and all companies in each industry in order to guarantee that development is truly sustainable.

It won't be easy or fast, but something is changing.

The new generations no longer accept the status quo and seek alternatives and The Running Republic was born to give one. If you were looking for the most sustainable brand of sports textile you got lucky.

Sustainability is here to stay and The Running Republic too.

Photo: Richard Carey