Return to training routine.

Summer is one of the a greatest periods of the year for many reasons and aspects of life: it is hot, there are usually vacations, the days are longer and we allow ourselves to get a bit out of the routine.

But (Yes! Even summer has its cons) in terms of training, usually is not the best times of the year: stretched schedules, deserved vacations, excessive temperatures and the need to rest make us lose our training routine.

No worries! Rest is key to be able to perform and progress and a longer period of rest like the months of July and August have helped us to return with charged batteries.

Here are some tips to get back to the training routine in autumn:

  • Get back to your habits: schedules, food, training time.
  • Holidays are the quintessential time of the year in which schedules are set aside and it is one of the reasons why we like them so much...Having rules for meal and sleep time is key to have good return to training routines. Returning to a more balanced diet is also key: having a strong breakfast, eating well at lunch and having a very light dinner should be our mantra again with the correct mix of vitamins, proteins and hydrates depending on the training routines we are setting at the moment.

    And finally the time of training: on summer you probably got out early in the morning or late in the afternoon: rethink your training schedules based on your work and family life.

  • Set a realistic goal.
  • Having a realistic goal helps when need that extra motivation when you start training. A 10k race in about 6-8 weeks from the return to the routine can be a good enough goal to put on your running shoes.

  • ¡Walk! Combine disciplines: Cycling, swimming, Yoga, Plogging…
  • Mixing disciplines is the best way to make the return to routines more acceptable. Two disciplines very complementary to running in this phase can be swimming and yoga. Swimming helps us gain basal metabolism and muscle tone and yoga also helps us with muscle tone and psycho-physical balance, which is great in a time of stress like this. We also propose you an activity that comes from Sweden such it is Plogging (soon we will explain better what it is) and cycling or just going for a walk and enjoy your surroundings in a time as beautiful as the first weeks of autumn.

  • Spend more time warming up and stretching.
  • If during the holidays you have completely stopped or almost stopped your workouts, your muscle tone also have gone on vacation. Don’t forget to recover the activity gradually and without overloading your routine, and always warm up before and stretch up after training. And always is always!

  • Start smoothly with short distances, and accept a period of adaptation being patient.
  • Although sometimes it may seem frustrating, be patient: the lost tone and the aerobic capacity don’t recover within two days. Give yourself time. Don't crush yourself and come back gradually.

  • Train with friends. 
  • Getting back to the routine can be very boring. Do it with a friend: you will encourage to each other.

  • Take your rest!
  • Summer is not famous for its moments of rest. It’s good to take time to charge batteries after returning to work/study and returning to training seriously. Take back your clock and use the alarms also marking the right time to go to sleep.

  • Think that maybe it's time to renew your running gear. 
  • Renewing the equipment and wear new models, if your closet needs it, can be an extra motivation to go out running. Here you have a selection of garments for your return to the routine.

  • And most of all: enjoy!
  • Because, after all this is why we come out and run!