Sustainable hat brands

sustainable hat brands

Hats are a very popular accessory for everyday use; you can use them to complement your outfit, go to the beach, or simply to protect your face from the sun. A hat is a must-have essential accessory to own, but are hats sustainable?  Luckily today, there are plenty of sustainable hat brands to choose from; however, keep an eye out to make sure the brand lives up to its claims; the popular eco-friendly trend may just be another marketing tool for them.  At the Running Republic, sustainability is in our DNA, and we believe garments and accessories such as hats can be made sustainably at no cost to the environment. In fact, we make all of our sports apparel and accessories from 100% recycled materials, and best of all, we don't compromise on quality and style to do it.

What makes hats sustainable?

A sustainable hat needs to be made from sustainable recycled or organic materials. The manufacturing of these materials requires fewer resources such as energy and water, avoids the use of harmful chemicals and substances that contaminate our lands and waterways, and helps reduce CO2 emissions which results in a much smaller carbon footprint. High quality is always a trademark of sustainable garments and accessories, as we want our accessories to last so we don't have to throw them away in a short time. The Running Republics makes sustainable hats from recycled polyester and cotton, the perfect combination for comfort and durability. Our sustainable hats send a clear message as well “climate change is real” so you can display your activist side.

Why invest in sustainable hats?

If you think about it, sustainable hats and garments are a sort of investment in general, and we are not talking about stocks and commodities here. We are talking about the savings that may come from buying sustainable clothing that endures. Of course, this has to be in synchrony with your mindset and willingness to become more sustainable for the better good. The fast-fashion model encourages people to buy fast fashion and trendy items that are cheap and of low quality; this encourages the rapid turnover and disposal of clothes that end up as big piles of waste. A sustainable hat or piece of clothing produces the opposite effect by prioritizing quality over quantity. The high-quality and recycled materials will last in your wardrobe for a long time. It’s true, the price tag of truly sustainable hat brands tends to be a little higher, but in the long run, the investment pays off as money savings and environmental care.

Don’t just go for any sustainable hat brands, visit us at The Running Republic to check out our high-quality and sustainable hats. We recently launched our new spring 2022 collection entirely of sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Also, join our efforts for a better and more sustainable future and follow our social networks on Facebook and Instagram.
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