Sustainable Caps

Sustainable caps for an imperfect World.

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Sustainable Caps

More and more clothing is being made from materials that have been recycled. This is what happens in the case of these fantastic recycled caps that are totally respectful of the environment.

The caps are made from recycled cotton and polyester. 50% is made from cotton that is collected from second-hand clothing or production scraps and the other 50% from recycled plastic bottles (recycled polyester).

recycled polyester cotton

In the manufacture of these recycled caps, much less energy and water have been consumed compared to other caps made without recycled material and greenhouse gases have been reduced by up to 35%.

Studies indicate that each year more than six million tons of waste end up in the oceans. In the manufacture of each cap we want to be part of the solution and a recycled PET plastic bottle of one and a half liters has been used.

On the other hand, the recycled polyester that has been used to make the cap has a GRS (Global Recycled Standard) and RSC (Social Responsibility) certificate. Thanks to this certificate we guarantee several things. On the one hand, the means used to make the cap are environmentally friendly. And on the other hand, that ethical and sustainable criteria are followed in its preparation. Starting in all production processes and going through the entire supply chain.


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