What clothing materials are eco-friendly?

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If you are starting to look into eco-friendly fashion. Wha it is? what clothing materials are eco-friendly? And so on. Then, good for you! wearing eco-friendly clothing is more than just a simple trend, it has become a necessity of today’s society, and there´s still much to be done. Luckily, there are many materials that can be used to make our eco-friendly clothing materials each with its unique benefits and characteristics. This article will divide these materials into two categories, man-made synthetic materials, and organic natural fibers. 

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The eco-friendly option to synthetic materials

Synthetic materials are made from crude oil and turned into yarn through a chemical process of polymerization. The production process releases harmful toxins to the environment and requires lots of energy. Common examples of these materials include polyester, polyamide, spandex- or lycra among others. These materials are not biodegradable which means they won’t break down easily. It may take up to 200 years for polyester to finally decompose.

Recycled synthetic materials, an eco-friendly alternative

Recycled synthetic fibers made from post-consumer products such as plastic bottles and other plastic scraps are an eco-friendly alternative to clothing. Best of all, the resulting garments remain high in quality and retain all the properties of the virgin materials.

The Running Republic makes men and women eco-friendly clothes from recycled synthetics materials mainly recycled polyester and polyamide. These materials help divert waste from landfills and oceans, require less energy and resources to produce, and generate fewer CO2 emissions.  The recycled synthetic materials have all the properties required to manufacture high-performing activewear. Breathable, consistent, and durable fabrics that allow great flexibility and will keep you dry during any sports activity. After careful study and design, we end up with a highly technical product that has a unique quality and an affordable price.

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Natural and eco-friendly organic materials

Natural organic materials can be an eco-friendly option for clothing if they are grown ethically with minimal harmful consequences to society and the environment. The available options are plenty from plant-based materials like cotton, bamboo, and even pineapple fiber to animal-based fabrics like wool and silk to name a few choices.

At the Running Republic, organic cotton is our top choice for an eco-friendly organic material. It has all the properties of conventional cotton without the negative environmental impact. It requires up to 70% less water to grow, preserves the soil, and avoids the use of harmful chemicals harmful to the environment and the farmers. Our sportswear hoodies and t-shirts made of organic cotton have a soft feel and are very durable and resistant to washing. Always look for an organic certification label to make sure the garments are truly organic.

Want to know more about sustainable activewear and what clothing materials are eco-friendly? Check out our collection of high-quality and stylish activewear. Come visit us at The Running Republic and join our efforts for a better and more sustainable future. Also, follow our social networks on Facebook and Instagram.
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