What are the best running clothes?

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The best running clothes require several key features to help runners perform at their best. Ideally running clothes should be comfortable, soft, lightweight, and allow proper mobility and ventilation. Available options include shorts, hoodies, tees, tank tops, and baselayers, so what are the best running clothes? Runners may wear different combinations of these garments depending on the actual weather conditions. Let us tell you more about what we believe are the best running clothes!

At the Running Republic, we make eco-friendly clothing from post-consumer recycled materials. Our eco-friendly clothing doesn’t compromise in quality either; we simply believe that running, exercise, and any other sporting activity can go hand in hand with sustainability and taking care of our planet. 

The Running Republic

Best running clothes to use in cold weather?

When it is cold outside and you feel like going for a run, we recommend the following garments. Our technical 2.0 hoodie is the perfect upper body garment; it will keep you warm and protected on cold weather days. It is a comfortable and versatile garment that can be used as a second layer of clothing or as a garment to use before and after training. It makes for a slightly snug fit but allows for mobility at the same time. Packed with features such as reflective details, holes in the thumbs, and eco-friendly 4-way stretch fabric. As a lower body garment, our long tights are a great option for cold weather as they provide extra protection when it's cold and are extremely comfortable and elastic. 

Best running clothes for hot summer days

A hot summer day may be a challenge for any runner. With temperature and humidity on the rise, training and competing become harder. We think the following clothing suggestions will help you perform at your best.

For the upper body, we recommend one of our tees or tank tops made of light and breathable fabric that is comfortable to wear. Technical features include reflective details and micropores to enhance breathability and stay cool. For the lower body, our 2 in 1 woven short is a great choice for training and competitions during hot weather days. It is a comfortable and lightweight garment specially designed with runners in mind. Comes with features such as a back pocket to store gels, keys, or protein bars and reflective details to help you stay safe at night. Both the inner and outer shorts are elastic for maximum comfort.  Don’t forget to carry plenty of water and proper nutrition on hot weather days.

The Running Republic

Eco-friendly materials for the best running clothes

All of our suggested items are made of recycled polyamide that comes from rescued fishing nets and other plastic scraps. The resulting eco-friendly fabrics are high-quality with optimal technical attributes. The recycled materials remain consistent, elastic, and durable just like the virgin materials but require less energy to produce and generate fewer CO2 emissions.

Want to know more about sustainable activewear and what clothing materials are eco-friendly? Check out our collection of high-quality and stylish activewear. Come visit us at The Running Republic and join our efforts for a better and more sustainable future. Also, follow our social networks on Facebook and Instagram.
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