Women's running shorts

Discover a new way to do sport, taking care of the environment and feel stylish with the women's running shorts made from recycled fabrics.
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Women's shorts

Our running shorts for women are highly technical and sustainable. You can use them to perform any sport due to their easy adaptability, since they are very comfortable and resistant to great sporting demands.

Women's sports shorts are designed for girls who like to do exercise in the most comfortable way possible. They are lightweight, stylishly designed and can be worn for any occasion.

Women sport shorts

These tights will allow you to perform your training in the best conditions. Playing sports requires having the appropriate equipment, which must be comfortable, practical and stylish, therefore, women's sports shorts are, in this sense, essential garments for your wardrobe, which will allow you to carry out your physical activity in optimal conditions.

They are available on the market in a wide variety of very bright colours and also in the classic colours, with which you can make the best combinations, always being fashionable and elegant.

Thanks to the lightness and elasticity of its fabrics, the 2in1 Woven Short is a very effective garment both for training and for medium and long distance competitions for both Running and Trail Running. Both of two fabrics are now elastic, not only the inner short but also the outer short. 

With this accessory in your shorts, you'll feel calm and confident as you arrive at your destination with your most important personal items.

Trekking shorts for women

Women's trekking shorts are ideal for daring girls who like extreme activities. They are made with the best quality materials to be resistant to different weather conditions.

Wearing these tights allows you to stay dry while making movements with more freedom. They also protect you from the sun and from rubbing and suit very well with any outfit.

Sustainable running shorts

Sustainability is part of our DNA and we believe that these shorts are equal to or better than those you can normally find in stores and classic retail brands.

All our shorts have been created with recycled material directly from the sea. Specifically 79% of the main fabric comes from recycled fishing nets collected in the Atlantic Ocean by the renowned yarn supplier Econyl, which guarantees optimum performance and takes care of the environment.

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