Women's Running Tank Tops

Perform at your best with the sustainable running tank tops womens. Discover The Running Republic collection and environmentally friendly sportswear!
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Running tank tops womens

Our women's running tank tops are created with recycled plastic from the ocean and with the latest technology to obtain better performance when doing any type of sport, its seams also have the best finish and prevent chafing while you trainning.

Also extremely soft and elastic fabric treated to enhance breathability and sweat evaporation to keep you cool and dry.

UV protection and antibacterial treatment. Made with an ergonomic racer back design to avoid unnecessary friction.

Reflective details to increase visibility when running in low visibility conditions. A reflective tissue ring in the back of the neck will allow you to pass the cable of your headphones so to don't bother you while training. Back of the shirt longer and rounded to guarantee you more protection while stretching.

We have a wide variety of sports designs, which are also easily combined. Being ideal and we recommend them for the hottest days or when you want to train in closed spaces, another high compression ally that will provide you with freshness and comfort.

Sustainable tank top

90% recycled post-consumer polyester fabric from used plastic bottles and plastic waste collected in the environment.

For each Kilo of recycled material is collected from the environment a little more than one kilo of waste. Produced by ethical production in family run factories in Portugal.

As we produce in Europe the carbon footprint is the smallest possible because we save the CO2 emissions of transportation from Asia.

 If you buy this tank top  you will be helping to reduce the mass consumption of sportswear by unconscious industries, also to reuse plastic that unfortunately falls into the oceans and above all, give space to emerging brands that are committed to local production and conscious consumption.

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