Women's running capris

The capri cut is ideal for the hottest days. With them you can do your workouts outdoors or a running session in the park. The same quality, in a shorter version.


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Discover our best women's running capris 

These Capri leggings are extremely elastic and made with a totally new 4-way stretch medium muscle compression recycled fabric. Extremely comfortable, they provide an extra protection while you are training and shaping your curves.

Sustainable running capris

Running tights are an essential item for any runner. Long tights and mid calf Capri Tights are constructed from technical fabrics designed to be breathable and manage moisture

Women's athletic capri leggings

A Capri length is between a short and a tight ending just beyond the knee. If you don’t want to wear shorts but want something to run in when temperature is mild whilst giving you the support of a tight then a Capri is the ideal option.
Lightweight, breathable and fast-wicking ensure they're performance ready too. 

Other Options:

High waisted capri leggings

Low waisted capri leggings

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