What is sustainable clothing?

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The concept of sustainable clothing has become widely popular in the textile industry as we have become more aware of the harmful effects of conventional textile production. But what is sustainable clothing? Sometimes, sustainability seems more like another buzzword that is used without true meaning.  At The Running Republic, we know how important it is to become sustainable, so keep on reading! It is time we properly define this concept as it relates to clothing.

The idea of sustainability has been going around for a while since the early 90s, and it refers to an unbalance between society, the economy, and our environment. This unbalance calls for a responsible use of our natural resources and a change in the way carry on our daily activities. In particular, the textile industry is one of the world’s biggest pollutants. The production of synthetic materials and other fabrics requires extensive use of resources and chemicals that end up polluting our oceans, land, and the very air we breath.

At The Running Republic, we understand that the future will be sustainable or it won’t, so we decided to make a difference with our sustainable clothing meant for athletes and workout activities. Our clothing is made entirely of recycled materials such as polyester and polyamide. The recycled fabrics retain the technical properties of the original materials and perform just as well. In addition, our organic cotton activewear is soft, durable, and most importantly, an eco-friendly alternative to conventional cotton.

The production of synthetic recycled materials requires Fewer resources such as energy and water. It leaves a smaller carbon footprint from CO2 emissions and helps divert waste from landfills and oceans. The Running Republic also plants a tree in Ethiopia for every garment sold. 

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Is acrylic clothing sustainable?

There seem to be lots of doubt in regards to acrylic fabric sustainability, and it is certainly not sustainable. Acrylic clothing is made from a synthetic polymer called acrylonitrile that is derived from petroleum or coal-based chemicals. It is a non-natural solution to clothing that is harmful to people and the environment. Just like other synthetic fabrics, acrylic fabrics are not biodegradable which means it will take generations for them to finally break down. Avoid buying clothing made of acrylic fabric or other synthetic materials and choose sustainable alternatives such as recycled and organic fabrics. The responsible way to go about clothing.

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A final word on sustainable clothing

In short, what is sustainable clothing? It is the responsible and ethical way to go about clothing.  At the Running Republic, we believe that a new approach to clothing production and disposal has become absolutely necessary. The increasing levels of pollution caused by the textile industry are dangerous and not sustainable in the long run. Luckily, sustainability is becoming more than a buzzword or just a simple trend; we are willing to do our part and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

Check out our collection of sustainable clothing at The Running Republic and join our efforts for a better and more sustainable future. . Follow our social networks on Facebook and Instagram.

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