The 3 best sustainable and ethical hoodies

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Before we get into today´s topic about ethical and sustainable hoodies, it is a good idea to review the principles behind ethical and sustainable wear.

Sustainable hoodies and ethical hoodies

These two different concepts are intrinsically related to each other, and may still be confusing to some consumers as they relate to fashion. Therefore, ethical fashion refers to garment production in a way that reduces harm to our planet while producing benefits for all the people along the supply chain, while sustainable fashion focuses on producing garments in an eco-friendly manner so that we can continue to do it for years and decades to come. Think of it this way: if we engage in fashion in a morally good way, then we can sustain fashion for the long haul.

Now, for our best 3 sustainable and ethical hoodies we have chosen the following based on their ethical production and sustainable materials. In summary, if you are looking for the perfect ally for your workout or training, we recommend a hoodie made of recycled synthetic blends, but if you are just looking to stay warm, 100% organic cotton or organic cotton blends are the way to go. These hoodies are a great option to proudly display your eco-activism with high-quality clothing.

The Running Republic

1. THE RUNNING REPUBLIC technical 2.0 Hoodie

This sustainable hoodie is perfect for any sports activity. The 2.0 version now comes with a stretch and thicker fabric that is intended for cold weather. This versatile hoodie can be used as a second layer of clothing or simply be worn before and after training. You will also love this hoodie for how it feels and fits; the soft, compact, and breathable fabric has a suede-like feel.

More importantly, this sustainable and ethical hoodie is made with a fabric blend of post-consumer recycled polyamide and lycra. This hoddie also packs features such as reflective accents, holes for the thumbs, and a fabric ring to pass the cables of your headphones.

2. THE RUNNING REPUBLIC 100% organic cotton Hoodie

This hoodie is the perfect everyday garment with a soft yet firm cotton fabric. Choosing organic cotton garments over regular cotton makes a huge difference, it saves lots of resources such as energy and water; also, it is grown without chemicals and pesticides. Organic cotton is undoubtedly a better choice for the planet. The hoodie comes with a printed 3D logo of The Running Republic and is made with high-quality standards.

The Running Republic

3. Organic and synthetic fiber sustainable hoodie

Our next top choice is sustainable hoodies made with a blend of organic cotton as the main fabric and a post-consumer recycled fabric such as polyester. This eco-friendly combination will provide all the benefits of cotton making a soft and warm garment, while recycled polyester will make it more durable and lightweight.  Some producers may include a small percentage of lycra for added elasticity.

Check out our collection of sustainable and ethical hoodies at The Running Republic and join our efforts for a better and more sustainable future. Follow our social networks on Facebook and Instagram.

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