Marathon running gear essentials

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Running a marathon is serious business. It involves a great deal of training to get in the right shape and be able to run the 26.2 miles like a champ. This demanding physical task requires that you use the right running gear that will help you along the way. In this article, we want to review the marathon running gear essentials you need. If you are training for a marathon, make sure to keep on reading. The Running Republic makes highly technical tops and bottoms that be with you from start to finish.

The Running Republic

What to wear for a marathon?

We can summarize the marathon running gear essentials into the following categories: footwear, tops, bottoms, and accessories.  Let’s take a look at each of these marathon gear individually.

Marathon running shoes

As you can imagine, wearing comfortable shoes is essential for marathons. If you are not sure which footwear is the best,  it is a good idea to go to your local shop and ask an expert. Ideally, you need shoes that are lightweight and shock absorbing to help dissipate the impact of the road. Also, make sure to test the shoes during training to make sure they feel and fit great before the big day.

Marathon running tops

The Running Republic makes highly technical tops that are also eco-friendly. Our ultralight tees with micropores technology will keep you dry and fresh during the whole race. For cold or rainy weather, we recommend wearing one of our technical hoodies as a second layer of clothing. More importantly, our hoodies provide comfort and freedom to move your arms without being too loose. Made with a blend of recycled synthetic fibers and lycra, you will be proud to be wearing these sustainable fabrics.

Marathon running bottoms

All our sustainable running bottoms are specially designed for running and will allow you to move freely during a race;  however, our top recommendation for a marathon is the 2 in 1 recycled short.  This lightweight garment has an internal compression short that fits great and moves with you and an outer short that is also elastic. The short comes with features such as a convenient back pocket to carry bars, gels, and others. All of our bottoms are made with the highest technology and post-consumer recycled products such as plastic bottles.

The Running Republic

Marathon running accessories

Especially for ultra marathons, you may choose to use a hydration system or vest.  If you do, make sure your water hydration system is convenient and easy to carry. Also, it is essential for long runs to replenish your energy with gels, bars, or any other source of calories and carbohydrates. Test your hydrations system and different nutrition products during training to make sure they perform well.

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