What to look for in eco-friendly workout clothes

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Thankfully, there is a wide variety of eco-friendly workout clothes to choose from as more people and companies join efforts to become sustainable, new fabrics and better ergonomic designs are made. When looking for eco-friendly workout clothes, we start by selecting the appropriate fabric that will give us the benefits we need during training. From there, we look at design and functionality. At the Running Republic, we make sustainable activewear that is suitable for most sports and workout activities, so if you are out looking for your next eco-friendly workout clothes, keep on reading!

The Running Republic

Fabrics for eco-friendly workout clothes

Popular choices of fabrics used in workout clothes are polyester and nylon polyamide due to the many benefits they offer. In addition, these synthetic fibers are usually blended with lycra in smaller proportions for added elasticity and durability. Unfortunately, making these fabrics from scratch takes a lot of resources, energy, water, and oil processing. Needles to say, we need an alternative solution that offers the same benefits without being too harsh on the environment. How about recycled polyester and recycled nylon?. These are actually great choices. let´s see why!

Recycled synthetic fibers such a recycled polyester and nylon are made from post-consumer products such as plastic bottles and fishing nets. Each kilo of plastic residue translates into less oil going into the production of synthetic fibers, a smaller carbon footprint, and about a kilogram of recycled material that can be reused to make sustainable fabrics. The resulting fabrics retain all the technical attributes such as durability, consistency, elasticity, breathability, and moisture management equal to those of the virgin fabrics.

Design and functionality for eco-friendly workout clothes

At the Running Republic, we take special care in all the manufacturing stages of our garments, from the design all the way to the manufacturing process. We make sure our garments feel and fit comfortably. Also, we make sure our garments remain functional by including features such as reflective accents, hidden pockets, fabric rings to guide the cables of your headphones, and more!

The Running Republic

Our favorite eco-friendly and sustainable workout clothes to shop

We have lots of great possibilities and options for your eco-friendly workout clothes, but we have to say, our sustainable leggings are among the top favorite. They are extremely elastic and made with a medium compression fabric that is perfect for high-performance workouts.  Our leggings come in different colors and exclusive prints for a different and original look.

Our tees and tank tops don´t fall behind in the top ranks. Our top garments are likely the most technical and affordable option in the market. The ultralight, breathable, and elastic fabric make our tops very comfortable and versatile. The slim-cut designs are comfortable without being too tight or too loose.

Visit us at The Running Republic and take a look at our collection.  Join our efforts for a better and more sustainable future and follow our social networks on Facebook and Instagram.
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