Which shirt is best for running?

Which shirt is best for running?

Running shirts are at the very core of a runner’s outfit, so it is very important to know what to look for when shopping for your next running shirt. You will notice they are available in different styles and materials, made with different features, etc. The choice may not be as easy as you think, and you may find yourself asking which shirt is best for running. Well, at The Running Republic, we believe it all comes down to a great combination of design and materials used to make up the shirt. Let us tell you more about it in this article, so you know what makes up a really good running shirt.

Running shirts for men

For starters, good running shirts for men are designed with materials and technical attributes that help keep them comfortable and dry during training. The fabrics need to be lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking, durable, and elastic.  Such technical attributes are found in synthetic clothing made of polyester and polyamide for example; these are often combined with spandex for extra elasticity; however, there is a problem. synthetic fabrics are not sustainable. The production of synthetics requires lots of energy and releases lots of CO2 emissions. The materials are not biodegradable and ultimately end up polluting our lands and oceans.

We believe that recycled synthetic fabrics are a better and more sustainable alternative to regular synthetics. Recycled fabrics require less energy to manufacture and result in high-quality materials that turn waste into something useful like great running shirts for men.  By using recycled fabrics we help divert plastic waste from landfills and oceans as well. The fabrics retain the quality of the virgin materials so we don't make any compromises in terms of quality.

As we said, great running shirts combine quality sustainable fabrics with excellent design and features. The Running Republic’s men’s essential tee 2.0 is super lightweight and its fabric incorporates micropores technology for better moisture-wicking properties. It includes reflective details to keep you safe at night, and a reflective ring at the back of the neck to pass your headphone cables. The back of the shirt is also longer to keep you protected while stretching. It also comes in different prints and colors to match your style and preference.

So,  which shirt is best for running? Make sure your shirt has a great design that fits your personal style and is made of sustainable eco-friendly materials. Don’t just go for any sustainable brand and visit us at The Running Republic to check out our high-quality and sustainable running shirts. Take advantage of our summer sale discount before it expires and get an extra 20% discount on our collection made of sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Also, join our efforts for a better and more sustainable future and follow our social networks on Facebook and Instagram.
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