What to wear with sports leggings?

You're getting ready to go back in action and have already set up your gear and made some changes in your sports wardrobe. Now, it is time to match up your stylish and eco-friendly sports leggings to a top garment that’s up to the challenge. If you are not sure what to wear with sports leggings we want to make our life easier and recommend a couple of options from our own collection at the Running Republic. We know our top garments work well with most sports activities, whether you are a runner, a high-performance athlete, or someone who’s looking to hit the gym more frequently. You will love these top garments with technical features and most importantly, our whole collection is eco-friendly and made of sustainable recycled materials. Let’s get started!

The women's essential tee 2.0 is a versatile garment that is stylish and a great comfortable fit, it is definitely a must-have basic garment to include in your wardrobe. It is also light as a feather, not more than 86 grams for an M size. The tee’s fabric and overall design offer excellent technical attributes as well; its elastic fabric has micropores that improve breathability and moisture-wicking properties. You will find features such as reflective accents, and a tissue ring at the back of the new to pass your headphone cables. Work out with our essential running t-shirts for optimal performance and a top match with your sports leggings!

If you want an even lighter and more comfortable garment, why not try our women’s ultra-light tank top 2.0? These tank tops look great with sports leggings and offer maximum mobility with a soft and silky fabric that's highly technical. It is suitable to train and exercise in all conditions, and if it feels a little chilly outside, you can try one of our tech hoodies for women.

How to style sports leggings

We have made all of our tops to fit a variety of styles, so it is difficult to choose a top from our collection and come out with a mismatched style. However, there are some rules of thumb you can follow to style your sustainable leggings. Whenever possible, combine a patterned top or bottom garment with a solid color bottom or top garment. An all-solid color combination for top and bottom with a few accents and stripes works well too. With respect to color, there are almost endless combinations, so make sure to visit the Running Republic for some great ideas.

Are you still not sure what to wear with your sports leggings?  Don’t just go for any sustainable brand and visit us at The Running Republic to check out our high-quality and sustainable collection.   You are sure to find sports clothing with a great design that fits your personal style and is made of sustainable eco-friendly materials. Take advantage of our special offers and discounts available at our online store and get an extra 10% discount on your first order. Also, join our efforts for a better and more sustainable future and follow our social networks on Facebook and Instagram.
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