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      Men's Short

      Men's Woven short Men's Woven shortOn Sale
      €29,99 €39,99
      Men's Woven short Men's Woven shortOn Sale
      €29,99 €39,99


      Men's sports shorts are designed for the most demanding sportsmen. They are perfect for the practice of any kind of sport, they are comfortable, light, with an elegant and very sober design which makes them ideal for any occasion.

      Sports shorts are one of the most important and appropriate pieces of clothing for exercise. They are comfortable, of very good quality and the right ones for moving around more easily.

      This type of trousers is very useful when selecting a look to go for a walk. They are made with fabrics such as cotton, fibre, and technician materials.


      Men's running shorts have a spectacular design that encourages training, facilitating movement, and providing comfort.

      They improve the ventilation of the body helping to avoid the accumulation of sweat in the garment, keeping it fresh and dry for much longer. For this reason, the excess of moisture does not cause discomfort during exercise.


      Men's trekking shorts have been designed for extreme activities, of the best quality to resist any kind of weather condition. They protect from the sun, stay dry, and fit any style.

      Trekking shorts can be used for mountain routes, through the forest or on snowy terrain. They will allow you to move more freely, are resistant, and protect you from rubbing.