Men's Running Clothes

Most probably, the best running gear you will ever have.

High Tech performance and sustainable as always.

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Men's Ultra Light Tee 2.0 ji

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Men's Ultra Light Tee 2.0

Regular price €49,99 €39,99
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Running clothes for men

Running clothing for men is essential for total enjoyment. Avoiding chafing and that your perspiration is perceived as little as possible, are two of the most important characteristics that all running garments must comply with. It has always been said that "you can run with anything", but if you try to run with quality clothing, comfort and enjoyment increase exponentially.

In The Running Republic we know that clothing and clothing and accessories are very important to correctly practice any type of sport, that is why you will find , at the top, t-shirts, sweatshirts and at the bottom, long tight and shorts.

Taking into consideration that you should choose a technical shirt, the most appropriate within the wide range of possibilities will be the one that best suits your body, your career and the climate.

Otherwise, with high temperatures, the best will be t-shirts that are somewhat less tight, that do not have scratches that can bother you and that are fully breathable. In general, men's running clothing brands use new technologies that regulate humidity and body temperature. With this, the clothing favors ventilation and as a consequence, running performance is also improved.

Men sportswear sustainable

Sustainable sportswear for men wants to provide you with comfort and quality so that you can practice any kind of sport or use it in your daily life. This is because they are made from very good quality materials and have fantastic designs.

This type of clothing is ideal for any time of the year, it is durable and resistant. Post-consumer recycled polyester and polyamide fabrics from used bottles, used fishnets and plastic waste collected in the environment and in the Atlantic ocean.

Produced by ethical production in family run factories in Europe.

As we produce in Europe the carbon footprint is the smallest possible because we save the CO2 emissions of transportation from Asia.

Sustainable activewear men

Is made from sustainable materials that are suitable for the type of activity being practised. The materials used are mostly recycled, among them is polyester.

The garments are very soft and adapt perfectly to the body, providing comfort, elegance, allowing you to go fashionable and can be used for any other activity.

It is light, soft, comfortable, fresh, and adapts perfectly to the body. It can also be used in the practice of any sport and even in the different daily activities that are carried out due to its quality and delicate design.

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