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Men's running tights

Running tights and pants should be light, comfortable, breathable, and just the right size to run freely without pressing or overextending.

Running tights are usually made of breathable, ultra-light, elastic and quick-drying polyester for maximum comfort, with elastic and resistant flat seams.

Men's tights have become a trendsetting garment because they provide comfort when practicing any sport, especially those that require a wide leg movement. They are specially designed for running and fit perfectly to the body, protecting the muscles from vibrations and avoiding chafing.

Men's thermal tights are perfect for a long day of sport, they provide warmth and help evacuate sweat, thus keeping the rest of the garment dry, especially the skin.

Men's sports tights

Men's gym tights are mainly used for training, as they are comfortable and elastic. They are available in different models and colours. You can choose between short and long.

Men's compression tights put pressure on the muscles while running and prevent chafing. They allow you to run long distances comfortably and safely.

Men's running tights are cool and very comfortable, they reach above the knee and are ideal for the warmer months.

Men's running leggins provide comfort and safety in the practice of any sport. They are manufactured in resistant, high quality, and durable materials.

Sustainable men's running tights

The main fabric, made of post-consumer recycled polyamide, is an excellent Italian 4-way stretch medium muscle compression fabric with a high percentage of elastane treated to enhance perspiration and breathability to keep you cool and dry.

For every Kilo of recycled material, in addition to collecting about one kilo of plastic waste, we avoid to introduce more than one liter of new crude oil into the environment. Produced by ethical production in family run factories in Portugal.

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