Shorts de running de mujer con bolsillos

Pantalón corto de running de mujer con bolsillos para correr seguro cuidando el medio ambiente.
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Running shorts with pockets for women

Today the vast majority of runners use their smartphone to go running mainly because of the music that we need to start and feel that motivation while practicing sports. Others also use it to measure performance and know exactly how many kilometers they ran and at what speed, as well as to obtain other metrics such as heart rate.

There's no worse feeling and it's when you go for a run and you don't have anywhere to store some of your personal belongings.

Women's sustainable shorts with pockets

In this collection we present you hyper technical shorts made from recycled plastic taken from the sea, ultra comfortable and light with pockets designed so you can store your mobile, cards, or even keys.

With this accessory in your shorts, you'll feel calm and confident as you arrive at your destination with your most important personal items.

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