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At The Running Republic, we are committed to sustainability and changing the world. All of the recycled fabrics we use contain about 84% recycled materials on average. Our fabrics are produced mainly from recycled water bottles, fishing nets, and other fabrics scraps and rescued materials that are turned into the recycled fabrics we use: polyester and polyamide. In this article, we will take a deeper look into which fabrics can be recycled and the benefits of recycling.

The rescued post-consumer materials go through a collection center and processing plant where they are turned into chips and pellets that make the yarn for recycled polyester and polyamide. The resulting fabrics are highly technical meaning they are durable, elastic, breathable, and moisture wicking just like the virgin fabrics. These technical attributes are ideal for high-performing sports activities.

Which fabrics can be recycled?

Basically, all kinds of fabrics, natural and synthetic, can be recycled. We have to keep in mind that there are many ways to recycle fabrics. One simple way to recycle is to donate your old clothes to a homeless shelter or to a charity organization like Caritas. It is all about giving a second life to your clothing and the longer they are used, the better. Turn them into scraps to use in your house or to clean your car. You get the point!

Unfortunately, donating or turning your clothing into reusable scraps is not enough. The textile industry has a huge environmental impact generating about 10% of the global greenhouse emissions, 20% of the global clean water pollution, and releasing around 0.5 tonnes of microplastics into our oceans every year according to an article released by the European Parliament. To make a difference, we need to implement circular economy principles where we are constantly reusing textiles that go through collection centers and processing plants.

In addition, there is a common misconception out there leading people to believe that plastics can be recycled indefinitely, but the truth is, synthetic fabrics will at some point reduce their quality after being recycled many times. Each time plastic is heated and melted, the polymer molecules degrade and the plastic must be used for lower quality products. The Running Republic produces sporting apparel with fabrics that come from post-consumer materials collected from landfills and oceans. This ensures our products retain the qualities of the virgin materials.

The Running Republic

The Benefits of Recycled fabrics

The environmental benefits from recycled fabrics are plenty, and luckily, many companies and people are becoming aware of how important it is to recycle.  Synthetic recycled fabrics are perfect for sports and working out since they provide all the benefits we would expect from high-performing activewear while being eco-friendly. By recycling synthetics, we reduce CO2 emissions, save energy and water, and lessen the demand for dye and chemicals.

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