Women's Head Bands

The sustainable and recycled Women's running head band to run safe while taking care for the environment. 
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Women's running head band

As soon as you live in a place with a low temperature or it has changed because it is winter, the desire of many to hide under the duvet and to avoid tying their running shoes becomes especially strong.

Running in winter is difficult. It's dark, it's cold and it's very easy to make mistakes with the clothes you wear, sometimes you end up very cold with very hot.

Regardless of how well you are dressed and have enough layers to combat the cold, and be in optimal conditions to run, you should never forget that your face is the point of your entire body that will be receiving the cold while you run.

Just like the tip of your nose, the tips of your ears. They turn red in the cold. So wearing a headband will help and protect you from those harsh running conditions.

Running headbands are designed to keep your ears warm during cold-weather runs. They're also great for keeping hair and stray hair out of your eyes, especially headbands that come with hair management openings to pull the ponytail through.

Our running headbands are primarily made for the outdoors, these sweat-wicking headbands are thin enough to fold up and wear to the gym to keep hair and sweat off your face.

This sustainable headband made of recycled polyamide is the perfect accessory for those days when is needed protection from wind and atmospheric agents. 85% of this product comes from plastic waste collected in seas and oceans, guaranteeing optimum performance and taking care of the environment.


The women's headband is a very useful accessory for girls who have great hair and want to avoid discomfort while training. Do you identify with it? The use of these ribbons is very common when doing any kind of exercise.


The women's sports headband is very functional as it allows hair to be pulled away from the face while doing exercise. The design of these bands is very delicate, elastic to fit any head size or amount of hair.

The running headbands are made of elastic materials, which makes it possible to adjust them to the size of any head. These materials used in the tapes do not put any pressure on the head.


The women’s hairband for winter is made of wool, in different colours with some motifs to decorate it. These are elastic to fit the size of each head and can be worn comfortably.  

The women's sports headband is a thin, elastic headband with a nice design, which keeps the hair from being disturbed during exercise.

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