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Running clothes for women

Women's Running Clothing has been created for a comfortable and always fashionable sport. Made with specific materials that do not harm the environment and allow you to retain an elegant appearance. Our garments are highly technical and allow you to achieve great performance with technical attributes that make this clothing have a great performance.

They are of high quality, soft, which adapt very well to the body providing elegance, comfort, allow to be fashionable and can be worn for different activities.

Sustainable athletic wear

It is made of sustainable materials appropriate for the type of activity being practiced. Most of the materials used are recycled, such as recycled polyester and polyamide fabrics from used bottles, used fishnets and plastic waste collected in the environment and in the Atlantic ocean.

For every Kilo of recycled material, in addition to collecting about one kilo of plastic waste, we avoid to introduce more than one liter of new crude oil into the environment. Produced by ethical production in family run factories in Europe.

As we produce in Europe the carbon footprint is the smallest possible because we save the CO2 emissions of transportation from Asia.

Environmentally friendly sportswear

Sustainable sportswear for women offers quality and comfort, and can be used at any time of day. It is made from recycled materials, subjected to different processes that are applied to plastic materials that are considered waste.

This clothing has been designed so that women can wear it during any time of the year, this is due to the quality of the materials used, which also makes it durable and resistant. It is soft, light, fresh, comfortable and adapts very well to the body. Due to its design and quality, it can be used in any activity.

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