Poliamida Reciclada Mujer

Disfruta del deporte mientras te preocupas por el medio ambiente. Descubre los increíbles diseños de ropa de mujer en poliamida reciclada y adopta lo sostenible.
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Recycled polyamide is usually made from pre-consumer fabric waste, though it may also come from post-consumer materials like industrial fishing nets. 

There are several “chain of custody” standards that track recycled polyamide through the supply chain, including the Recycled Claim Standard (RCS), Global Recycled Standard (GRS) and SCS Recycled Content. Probably the best-known regenerated polyamide product is ECONYL®, the first post-consumer recycled polyamide to hit the market from Italian manufacturer 

Aquafil. ECONYL® is made of polyamide waste from landfills and oceans in a closed-loop process and is infinitely recyclable. According to Aquafil, ECONYL® avoids approximately 50 percent of carbon dioxide emissions and uses approximately 50 percent less energy compared to virgin polyamide yarns.

Women's running clothes with recycled polyamide

When we talk about high technical quality running clothing that provides comfort to the athlete, moisture management is key.

78% of the main fabric comes from recycled fishnets collected in the Atlantic Ocean by the renowned yarn supplier Econyl, guaranteeing optimal performance while taking care of the environment and for every kilo of recycled material a little more than a kilo of waste is collected from the environment.

Produced by ethical production in family factories in Europe. And since being just another brand is not just about airplanes, in addition to offering the athlete the highest technical performance, we strive to implement initiatives and procedures that allow us to be more respectful of the environment.

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