Women's Sportswear Logo Tee

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This 100% organic cotton t-shirt, with its soft but firm fabric and slim fit is the perfect garment for day to day. Its 3D embossed printing makes it a premium garment. The high standards of production both in the cultivation of cotton, and in the weaving process give this garment the highest attributes of sustainability.


The fabric is made of a soft but firm organic cotton, more responsible with the environment and more resistant to washing, making this shirt an almost indestructible and very durable product. Graphic details printed in 3D embossed printing.

100% Organic Cotton GOTS

Organic cotton fabric that meets the latest GOTS® standards since our supplier produces organic cotton fabrics in India under the Gots standards since 2007.

Produced by ethical production in Indian factories certified by the Found Wear Foundation since our supplier has been a member of the foundation since 2006. To reduce the carbon footprint of this product, coming from Asia, it has been produced exclusively using renewable energy such as wind and especially solar energy, making it a neutral product for the environment.

The carbon footprint of this product is 90% lower than the footprint of any similar product on the market certified by the PAS2050 standard by the United Kingdom Carbon Trust.

One tree is planted in Ethiopia with your purchase (To know more visit our sustainability page).


At The Running Republic we know how important it is to feel good about what we wear even we run and our clothes feel so good, because of the tireless pattern work that was done when designing them and because they are made with high percentages of Lycra. That is why probably two, even three sizes, could be perfectly suitable for you.

Here you have our size guide and we want to give you one last tip: if you normally buy products from the leading American brand of the sports market, the size you buy of that brand is the size you should buy of The Running Republic: