Sustainability in sport

Sustainability in sport

Practicing a sport is commonly associated with health, fitness, entertainment, and lots of other good things; however, some sports can also be unsustainable. Think about the sports synthetic clothing that is generated by the tons every year, the motor sports that use gas to power up vehicles, or the enormous stadiums requiring lots of energy to power up lights and other equipment. These sports practices produce a negative impact on the environment by sucking up lots of resources and producing non-biodegradable waste. It is clear to us! We need to find new ways to reach sustainability in sports.

Sustainability in sports: where do we start?

We can start with ourselves by realizing what makes sports unsustainable and then shifting towards more sustainable sports practices. As we said, sports are associated with many positive things; athletes from many sports disciplines get to practice sports outdoors, enjoy nature and breathe clean air. It's only fitting that we do our best to protect our environment so that future generations can continue to enjoy nature to its fullest.

Start with the little things too! Small contributions add up and can lead to great results. Take a look at your wardrobe and the clothes you use to practice sports; there may be some room for improvement there. Synthetic clothing is great for sports as it offers many technical attributes, but is produced in non sustainable ways. The manufacturing process is energy intensive and releases tons of C02 emissions into the environment. How about using a reusable bottle to hold your water? Plastic bottle pollution is a big problem and we should make an effort to avoid single-use plastics.

Sustainability in sports: Where is it going?

The world of sports is slowly shifting towards more sustainable practices. The words ‘sustainable’ and ‘ethical’ seem to be setting a trend across many industries related to sports. We couldn’t agree more with this trend as long as it represents a real change and not just a marketing scheme to promote a certain brand or product. In particular, the textile industry has seen lots of contributors that want to make sports clothing more sustainable. we proudly count ourselves among the brands wanting to make sustainability in sports a reality.

Our commitment to sustainability in sports

The Running Republic  is committed to sustainability in sports. We make all of our sports clothing from recycled synthetic materials. Sustainable fabrics use post-consumer waste as raw materials and have a lesser negative impact on the environment than the original synthetics. The resulting fabrics retain the properties of the virgin materials in terms of durability, elasticity, breathability, and moisture evaporation. All of our clothing is produced in local factories in Spain and Portugal which helps us reduce our carbon footprint. In addition, we make sure to work with ethical factories that guarantee the rights of their workers and provide decent compensation.

Don’t just go for any sustainable brand. The Running Republic offers a wide selection of sustainable running clothes made from high-quality and sustainable materials. We recently launched our new spring 2022 collection made from eco-friendly materials and tested under the most extreme conditions in Spain. Get a free recycled cap with your purchase of over 80€. Also, join our efforts for a better and more sustainable future and follow our social networks on Facebook and Instagram.
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