What clothes do I need to start running?

What clothes do I need to start running?

When you are shopping for running clothes keep it simple, just like running, a simple yet very rewarding and fun activity. To start out you don’t need the latest technical activewear or the latest gadgets. Your starter running clothes should be light, and comfortable, and should help you feel motivated, and aid your performance. If you are wondering, what clothes do I need to start running? In this article, we’ll cover the basic clothes you definitely need to start your running journey. We’ll also talk about sustainable running clothes.

Clothes for running

For your starter clothes for running, think bottoms, tops, and comfortable shoes to get you going along with some variations of these garments depending on the weather. For instance, in hot weather, you may choose a tank top or light running t-shirt as your top garment, a pair of running shorts, and comfortable shoes. Be on the lookout for technical attributes such as stretch, breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics. The right gear also helps you stay motivated as well. Your running performance does not depend only on your physical abilities but also on your mental strength as well.

Also, if you are wondering, what clothes do I need to start running, always choose ethical and responsible clothing made from recycled or organic materials. Running outdoors means we get to enjoy nature and breathe some clean air; we should make our best effort to protect our environment. Synthetic fabrics work really well because the manufacturing process requires lots of energy, and produces CO2 emissions; synthetics are non-biodegradable and end up contaminating our lands and oceans. Recycled synthetics are a better and more sustainable alternative. We get to enjoy fabrics with high technical attributes that were produced at a much lesser cost to our environment.

Running clothes for men

Men should wear running activewear that’s comfortable and keeps them properly ventilated. a light technical t-shirt and taped shorts work fine in the summertime. Through a pair of sunglasses and a hat to get protection from the sun.  As the temperatures fall, we may use compression tights instead of shorts and add a second layer of clothing like a breathable hoodie. Check out the Running Republics collection of running clothes for men.

Women’s running clothes

When it comes to running, women's needs are similar to those of men. Clothes to keep properly ventilated and dry in moderate weather conditions, and that provide light insulation in colder climates. A light technical t-shirt, a pair of shorts or compression leggings, or comfortable running shoes may be all that’s required. Visit the Running Republic online store to see our collection of women's running clothes made from sustainable and high-quality materials.

Don’t just go for any sustainable running brand, if you are wondering what clothes do I need to start running, visit us at The Running Republic to check out our high-quality and sustainable running clothes for women and men. We recently launched our new spring 2022 collection entirely of sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Also, join our efforts for a better and more sustainable future and follow our social networks on Facebook and Instagram.
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